Bulgaria is situated in Southeastern Europe, in the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is a country with rich history, atmosphere, energy and spirit. You could find by yourself the information about Bulgaria you are interested in. There are, however, some hidden nooks of which few people know. Here in our website is the very thing – information about these spots gathered in one place, something you could not find elsewhere. We want to tell you all about the hidden places – things you could not only see with your eyes but with your soul. It is not enough to read about it, you have to live it.

In Bulgaria you would find wonderful, even magical places. You will get acquainted with our century-old history, immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of the past, preserved today in the picturesque and odd villages. You would touch the rich spirit of a strong and proud nation. You will meet on your way good and hospitable people who will welcome you with open hearts. You will feel the magical energy of the place and after you leave you will feel relaxed, with a clear mind and excited soul. In Bulgaria you would enjoy our unique nature, a gift from God. Here everyone could find something for himself – the mountain with its grandiosity, the sea with its immensity, the picturesque villages where you would experience something you could find only here. The hosts will feed you with delicious and eco-friendly meals, with products made by their own hands, they will tell you stories and introduce you to our traditions – this is how you will experience the magic of Bulgaria!

We are sure you will not want to leave! And we… We will look forward to your returning with an open heart and ready to rush into the unknown again.


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About Eco Trips BG


We have created for you a tourist portal, where for the first time you could find in one place a detailed information about the opportunities for eco tourism in Bulgaria. Our goal is to present you some beautiful and unique places in Bulgaria and to be helpful with everything you need to organize your trip to and from our country. On our website you could find information for over 250 beauty spots, divided into categories – ecopaths, caves, fortresses and historical sites, rock formations, lakes, reservoirs, waterfalls, monasteries and sanctuaries. We have also made a catalogue of places of accommodation recommended by us with detailed information and photos. For reservation use our page.


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